Have you ever heard of Saba?

By on June 4, 2019
Acetaia Leonardi Saba

We’ve been selling Acetaia Leonardi Saba for years and receiving rave reviews from home cooks and professional chefs alike.

What is Saba – a quick review

Saba is an ancient Greco/Roman culinary condiment and sweetener made from reduced grape must and is considered a precursor to aged balsamic vinegar.

It has a complex taste that is naturally fruity and slightly sweet with hints of reduced grape juice, plums, figs, dates and raisins.

This award-winning Saba comes from two Italian grapes, Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.

You’ll find competing brands using different grape varietals or blends highlighting different fruit notes to create a similar type product.

How Saba originated

The grapes were harvested by peasants in the early days and made into wine for royalty.

The remaining must was cooked in copper kettles for 30 hours or more as it reduced to a thick syrupy consistency.

It was then put into barrels and kegs for several years before it was ready for use.

The ancient process has been revived and perfected by the Leonardi family for over a century in a small town outside Modena, Italy.

The Leonardi brand is now recognized the world over for their award-winning culinary creation.

How Saba is used

Today as in Greco/Roman times Saba is used both as a condiment and as a sweetener.

It provides a wonderfully unique flavor when used with a variety of meats dried or cooked, wild bird, turkey, chicken, duck, game, seafood and fish.

Delicious with grain dishes such as grilled polenta, rice dishes and faro. Great tossed with berries, drizzled on ice cream or added to liquid drinks and cocktails.

Saba makes an excellent glaze.

Use it for roasting, grilling, stewing and as a flavorful ingredient to basting liquids or in a pasta sauce.

And as a final note it is also used as an after meal digestive.

Side notes

1. Leonardi Saba is shelf stable. This means that it needs no refrigeration after opening. Store it on the pantry shelf or kitchen counter.
2. A recipe booklet is attached to each bottle. Many additional recipes can be found online as well as the recipe we’ve posted below.
3. A little bit goes a long way and price is pennies per serving.
4. Contains no alcohol and no vinegar
5. It is an all natural product cooked from grape must


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