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By on January 22, 2019
Beef & Meat

Welcome to your online neighborhood butcher shop…

… the only place you will need to find the finest cuts of beef, wild game, organically farm raised meats as well as a variety of exotic meats enjoyed around the world.

Our purveyors will delight you with their USDA Prime Beef, Premium Black Angus, aged beef, ostrich, venison, boar and much, much more.

Our partners provide exceptional quality meats and you can rest assured that their products are the finest selections available.


 Who else wants to get ahold of the Grand Champion’s Secret Weapon?

Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States.

Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch incorporates every step of the beef lifecycle including ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition and beef processing.

This comprehensive approach ensures the products that arrive at your door are the best available.


 Stock Yards provides the highest quality USDA Prime and USDA Choice Filet Mignon, always with the certified USDA stamp of approval.

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Don’t be fooled by our competitors.

Our TENDER Filet Mignon, New York Strips, and Top Sirloin are certified by the USDA as PRIME and CHOICE – the top two cuts of beef.

Your family, friends, and business associates deserve the best.


 If there was ever a steak that you will believe can “melt in your mouth” the Certified Steak and Seafood Prime angus Filet Mignon is it.

Go Prime - Save $70

With a delectable almost sweet beef flavor, and a strong buttery undertone that only Prime angus offers, it has to be tasted to be believed.

Each Prime angus filet is aged for 27 days, custom cut and trimmed for consistency in color and quality.

It is a flavor you will remember long after your meal is over.

You haven’t enjoyed Filet Mignon until you’ve had our Prime. 


Stop searching for high quality wild game and exotic meats!

Fossil Farms

Simply put, all wild game purveyors are not the same. Exotic Meats and Game from Fossil Farms is dedicated to providing customers and chefs with unsurpassed quality, service and value.

Fossil Farms now offers you the same high quality wild game and farm raised organic meats that is used and endorsed by top chefs from around the country.






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