The Club Sauce Story & Guarantee

The SaucemasterToday’s home cooks are seeking foods, sauces and related products that can deliver the same unique tasting adventure that they’ve experienced when dining out.

Club Sauce has become a source for many of those same specialty, gourmet sauces and foods created by some of the most innovative and creative chefs today.

I’ve followed the food show circuit for years, charted the winners, and personally tested the sauces. Though there are literally thousands of items represented at the food shows, I’ve only selected the top sauces in their category for your cooking and dining pleasure.

The products represented by Club Sauce have all received critical acclaim for their unparalleled quality and taste. In addition many of these same sauces have won awards at food shows either regionally, nationally, or internationally. It’s here on the food show circuit that the practiced palates of the experts judge these many new and creative foods.

Flavors from around the world-exotic, unusual flavors-have become more commonplace in kitchens and restaurants across the country. There is no limit to the selections-classic French stocks, Asian sauces, champagne cooking sauces, chutney, pesto, glazes, stir-fry sauces, roasting and grilling sauces, tapenades, and more.

It is our goal at Club Sauce to bring you sauces, recipes and information about sauce and sauce making. In addition we’ll bring you outstanding recipes by recognized chefs. We’ll also show you how to save time when using our sauces and still deliver an incredibly delicious meal.

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The Club Sauce Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services and offer our customers complete satisfaction.

If you are ever unsatisfied, send back the unused portion in it’s original container and we’ll be happy to credit you with another sauce of equal or lessor value.

Our only request is that you let us know why the product is being returned so we can improve upon our quality and service for you, our most valued asset.

Thank you for visiting Club Sauce!