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By on July 23, 2017
Braised Chicken with White Wine Sauce

To continue our journey in sauces, let’s discuss Wine Sauces—these are often referred to as a foundation sauce.

Because let’s face it, you have to begin somewhere, and you wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation… a great sauce is no different really.

A good foundation sauce is a basic sauce from which you can make many, many sauces and even soups and chowders.

Whether you prefer to start with a red wine sauce or a white wine sauce, you can use these basic sauces as a starting point for a wide variety of flavors!

photo by cappi thompson

White Wine sauce is also called Veloute sauce and is one of the more famous “Mother Sauces” …

For example starting with a Veloute, you can add eggs and heavy cream to thicken the sauce and then season with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and voila!

You have a delicious Allemande sauce for your poached eggs on Easter morning or over veal for an elegant dinner.

The possibilities are truly endless…

  • you can hone the flavor with classic or less standard additions:
  • add a dollop of Dijon mustard and herbs to create a delectable mustard sauce (I like this with duck or chicken)
  • add sautéed mushrooms for a perfect mushroom sauce over steak medallions
  • mince shallots, parsley and diced tomatoes for a fine Dulgere sauce
  • or squeeze some fresh citrus juice and zest for a light citrus sauce… both are magnificent with fish!

Check out our recipes for more ideas!


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