Meat Glue – Do You Know What You’re Eating?

By on August 7, 2017
Glued Beef

Buyer beware! Meat glue can be used to make smaller pieces of meat appear as a single whole filet.

I found this particular article in Forbes magazine (it includes other relevant links) of particular interest because I like to be aware of what goes into my body.

What I put into my body may not necessarily be the most beneficial food that I am ingesting, but at least I am made aware of its quality and its risks.

I find this especially so when I am eating at a restaurant.

I like to know that what I am eating is what I am paying for.

As an example, real crab versus fish made to look and taste like crab, ground and then glued together, or chicken made into nuggets.

Another prime example is chunks of meat glued together to look like a single cut of filet.

Knowing is also important to those who have different religious beliefs or may have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients.

The importance of what we eat and where it is raised has become an important factor at farmer’s markets (grow local, buy local, eat local) as well as health food stores or stores inclined to support locally grown foods and their healthy attributes.

Again this bit of information is not brought to you as a pro or con issue but to keep you aware of a trend that is growing not only in the U.S. but in other parts of the world.

BTW you will find meat glue a banned product in some other countries.

Forbes Magazine Article – Meat Glue. Yum Or Yuck?

At Club Sauce, we always prefer to buy our meats and fish from reputable distributors and markets.

How do you feel about this practice?

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