Professional Chef Testimonials

Professional Chef

Professional Chef

We’ve recently asked some of our customers who are professional chefs to briefly comment on some of the products they’ve purchased from Club Sauce and use on a constant bases. We’ve also included some quotes from other noted authors and professionals who’ve recommend the products we carry.

Some are personal chefs, caterers, cooking school owners, authors, restaurateurs and experts in the field. We thought this might be a helpful way for you to know more about the products and what the professional community has to say about them.

Most professionals understand that to prepare a good meal does not require that everything be made from scratch. They realize that it really is an economy of scale, time and effort and more chefs and home cooks are finding these products superior to making them from scratch.

By the way if you’re in need of a personal chef please feel free to contact them at the phone numbers, websites, or email addresses listed below. I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

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