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By on April 12, 2017

When you want a top-of-the-line, consistently good-tasting demi-glace there is no better than More Than Gourmet’s French Classic Demi-Glace Gold. This shelf stable, quick and easy to use reduction is just what the executive chef ordered.

More top restaurateurs, hotels, caterers, country clubs, and personal chefs use this delicious reduction for their entrees requiring sauces with a texture, taste and sheen like no other sauce available on the market today. Just ask a chef at the world famous Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse.

The authors of Morton’s Steak Bible note in their peppercorn sauce recipe calling for veal demi-glace: “You can buy veal demi-glace in a small container, usually about 1-1/2 ounces in specialty food stores, some supermarkets, and even some price clubs. We like More Than Gourmet Demi-Glace Gold….” Morton’s Steak Bible, published May, 2006 was written by Morton’s vice chairman Klaus Fritsch with cookbook author Mary Goodbody.

Morton’s-The Steak Bible

Morton's Steak Bible

Morton’s Steak Bible

In this newly released cookbook you’ll discover how the chefs’ at Morton’s Steakhouse use the More Than Gourmet Demi Glace Gold reduction in their recipes. You’ll also discover great suggestions on how to select the right meat for the right dish and how to properly prepare and cook it. The book is filled with an excellent variety of recipes from the restaurant in addition to steakhouse lore, pictures and more. Available through

Discover what the pros like Morton’s Steakhouse have come to recognize, More Than Gourmet Demi Glace Gold is one of the best cooking aids on the market today. It is the one main ingredient that saves valuable time, money and storage space, giving you a quick and easy way to create excellent dishes whether you’re entertaining a crowd or dinner au deux.

Compare and Save

No more buying and roasting bones for long hours, cooking and adding aromatics, seasonings, wine, water, Mirepoix, skimming, reducing, skimming, and reducing. Need I say more? These savings alone are worth every penny for restaurants and those cooks who really want a quality product without all the expense, fuss, and muss to make it right.

Home cooks consider this: the cost per serving from a one pound container of demi glace ranges between $ .65 and $ .75. A one pound container has between 48 and 60 servings depending on usage, shelf stable for up to 18 months and once opened and refrigerated will last up to one year. This translates into 4 servings once a month for one- year. Most home cooks will use one pound of demi glace in 3 to 6 months time with all the full flavor and taste of a freshly made demi glace.

So you be the judge, compare the all-natural ingredients (no fillers, MSG, or additives), the long cooking process and care used by More Than Gourmet to make this demi-glace with the cost of making it fresh or with any other company on the market today. It doesn’t take long to realize that this is an excellent quality product with extra quality ingredients that can be readily available on your pantry shelf.

Still Feel the Urge to Create Your Own Demi Glace?

We think it is important to know the process and to understand what it takes to make an excellent high quality demi-glace or stock reduction. If you have the time and prefer that Zen state of creating a demi glace from scratch visit our friends at Gateway Gourmet. Here you’ll find an excellent recipe for making your very own:

Where to Purchase More than Gourmet Demi Glace and Stocks

Club Sauce is the largest online seller of More Than Gourmet products in the United States for retail and professional use. Club Sauce is also a leading supplier of top quality gourmet and specialty cooking products for all cooking enthusiasts.

You can also look for it in specialty meat markets, cooking and kitchen specialty shops, as well as some gourmet markets such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats.

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