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By on November 8, 2017
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So what is it that keeps us from cooking at home?

Like many, for me its time… I’m a working mom, so time is a precious commodity!

I know I too have been one to indulge in the roasted chicken and microwaveable sides that greet me when I enter my local grocery store… let’s face it, it’s a is a quick way to get something on the table.

The only problem I found is that this became my standard back up and I lent myself to it more and more.

But since I didn’t prepare these foods, there is question as to HOW it was prepared.

What was used on the chicken to give it that beautiful color? Often its an artificial ingredient used for “caramel coloring”.

And when was the last time you read the ingredients list on one of those microwaveable sides?  Its a mile long and most of it you can’t pronounce!

I simply want better options for myself and my family.

The Trick to Quick Meal Cookbooks

… some of my favorites are from Rachael Ray — I admit, I LOVE her!

But she is not the only professional chef to jump on this band wagon of giving the at home cook some great options that can be prepared very quickly.

In looking through many recipes I’ve realized their trick… and that is pre-made ingredients —  the ultimate in time savors!!

I know, I know  — but what about the ingredients on those store bought items?

The trick is you do have to read labels.

Label Ingredients – What to Look For.

I look for ingredient lists that are short (and do please read the ingredient lists, you would be surprised what you find in the ingredients that isn’t reflected in the nutrition label) have words I can pronounce and that the ingredients are natural things I could use to make the food myself if I wanted to.

You will start to find that there are certain brands and company’s that are dedicated to proving natural ingredients and who do not use (or use minimally) preservatives.

Once you find a brand that qualifies and gives you what you are looking for, stick with them!  And if you want to take the guess work out of it, just go to Club Sauce!

All of their products are made with the utmost of integrity and quality — I have yet to be disappointed in a single purchase from Club Sauce, and my family thinks I am a gourmet cook thanks to their assistance!

Club Sauce also offers a FREE (that’s right, Free!!) seasonal cookbook available for download when you sign up for their newsletter!

Now you can make quick and easy dishes with quality ingredients and you don’t even have to buy one of the hundreds of cookbooks out there to do it!

Go check them out, you can thank me later.  😉

Happy Saucing!!


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