More Than Gourmet

No matter what dish is being prepared nothing adds more taste and flavor to a meal than a delicious sauce.

From steak to venison and from fish to fowl there is nothing better than a delightful demi glace or stock to bring out that unique gourmet flavor all cooks strive to create.

The only problem is the complex recipes and extraordinary amount of time required to prepare a demi glace or stock from scratch.

More Than Gourmet has eliminated all the headaches associated with the preparation of truly gourmet sauces with their complete line of demi glace and stock products.

If you want professional results in your home kitchen or if you’re a professional chef without the time to prepare these from scratch, More Than Gourmet now offers you the solution.

When it comes to professional testimonials I don’t think they come any better than these for More Than Gourmet Demi-Glace and stocks.

“A chefs best friend” – Chefs are always in a race against the clock, but know the importance of taking time to perfect sauces-the foundation of many recipes-that make a finished dish come out right. More Than Gourmet prides itself on attending to the finer details of demi-glace and stocks so that chefs and home cooks can save time.”

Fancy Food and Products Culinary Magazine. February 2005

” …We like More Than Gourmet Demi-Glace Gold.”

Morton’s Steak Bible-Peppercorn Sauce Recipe – Morton’s VC Klaus Fritsch/cookbook author Mary Goodbody

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