Casa Di Oliva Capers


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Casa Di Oliva Capers add a burst of salty flavor to all of your favorite dishes. We love them on salmon, salads, and pizza — where they add a fantastic “pop”.

Want to try something different? Throw a bunch in your next batch of egg salad!

Or go with my favorite Jewish breakfast — bagel, lox, cream cheese, a little red onion, and of course … a handful of capers.

These capers are hand picked, sorted by size, and then brined… to give you a uniform product that’s easy to sprinkle into your favorite dish. Just give them a quick rinse, and use to your liking!

As an international Olive Oil Manufacturer, Casa Di Oliva knows the importance of providing the world with only the best quality products. Their strategy is “We sell only what we produce”.

Their products are gluten-free and non-GMO. And their high standards has earned them the winner of Global Entrepreneurship Award in 2012.

This commitment expands across all of their product lines from countries such as Spain, France, Turkey, and Argentina…

And can be tasted in the capers they bring to you.

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