Chef’s Choice Pronto Santoku/Asian Manual Knife Sharpener


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Chef’s Choice 463 pronto manual asian/santoku sharpener is the fastest manual sharpener on the market. The 463 includes two stages, one for sharpening and a second for honing/polishing for a razor-sharp, arch- shaped edge that is strong and durable. 100-Percent diamond abrasives are used in both stages 1 and 2, and the diamond abrasive wheels will hold its shape indefinitely, (unlike ceramic wheels which lose shape over time). The criss-cross sharpening technology creates an extremely sharp edge with lots of bite the diamond abrasive wheels sharpen simultaneously into and out-of edge for a superior burr-free edge. Micron size diamond abrasives in stage 2 leave your knife with a super sharp polished edge. The precise bevel angle control sharpens to an ultra sharp asian-style 15-degree edge. The pronto is safe to use on straight edge and serrated santoku, and other double bevel asian style knives.


  • Fastest manual sharpener on the market: first stage sharpens, second stage hones and polishes
  • Diamond abrasives are used in both stages: diamond wheels hold their shape, can sharpen any alloy, and there is no need to use messy water or oil while sharpening
  • Precise bevel angle control for an ultra sharp 15-degree asian style edge
  • For straight and serrated santoku and other double-bevel asian style knives
  • Can be used left or right handed, Soft touch handle provides easy and secure grip


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