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Penzeys Spices is known for supplying only the best and freshest spices from around the world.

I was first introduced to Penzeys in MN.

St. Paul, to be exact.

A friend was grilling and he had picked up a couple nicely marbled rib-eyes. I expected a good steak, great even …

But man, when I took that first bite of steak … my heart did a little dance.

The hand-mixed combination of salt, Tellicherry black pepper, sugar, garlic, and onion makes the bulk of it, of course … but then it’s finished with a bit of lemon zest and citric acid for a nice zip … and finally a touch of natural hickory smoke flavor for depth.

I couldn’t make it better myself.  And I’ve tried.

The Chicago Steak Seasoning is Penzeys’ #1 selling grill seasoning for good reason.

It’s the perfect summer blend to wake up your cooking! Try it on asparagus, zucchini, ribs, chicken wings – so smoky and delicious! Makes super easy barbecue and dipping sauce too, just stir a tablespoon or 2 into tomato sauce!

  • Keep Chicago Steak Seasoning around as a quick way to bring on the flavor.

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