Dreamfarm Jot Mixed Colors Wall Hook, 2-Pack


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Why is there never a pen around when you need one. Why can’t you ever find where you put your keys. And how annoying is it when your charger cord falls behind the desk or bedside table. Stuff just isn’t where it should be. When you have found the perfect place for something, Jot just holds it there. No more pens going walking, wandering keys or using sticky tape to hold your charger cords in place – just put them in your Jot and they will always stay where you want them. Hang your keys on the wall, keep your cords in place, hang up a tea towel, hold pieces of paper, keep a pen next to the phone, on your fridge or even on the cash register – for anything, anywhere, Jot just holds it there.


  • Jot is a suction hook that sticks on anywhere to hold anything just where you want it
  • Set of 2: jots are so handy they come in pairs (color will vary)
  • Long lasting suction cup sticks to any smooth surface
  • Hold in place your keys, toothbrush, razor, pen on the fridge or a phone charger cable
  • Don’t have a smooth surface? Attach jot anywhere with double sided tape


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