JBK Terra Cotta 5 x 3 Inch Bread Warmer Tile


(as of 06/30/2017 at 02:25 UTC)

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Imagine what it would be like to have warm bread or rolls during your meal. This has always been a challenge and now it is possible. The JBK Bread Warmer is a terra cotta ceramic tile featuring a sliced baguette relief design which can be heated in a variety of ways, including the oven, toaster, or barbecue. It is then set in a cloth lined basket or dish with bread or buns to keep them warm throughout a meal. Add that little extra to your dining experience and kick it up another notch by using the JBK Bread Warmer.


  • Keeps bread or buns warm with a meal
  • May be heated in an oven or barbecue or toaster
  • Relief sculpted baguette design
  • May be used over and over