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It’s the age old parenting dilemma. Almost all of your favorite recipes have onion — which you love — and your kids hate.

I remember shaking my head as I watched my daughter picking out pieces of onion from her food. No matter how fine I thought I had chopped it… She’s like an onion detective.

Penzeys finally solves this problem for good with their Granulated White Onion.

Their onion powder adds lots of onion flavor, and conveniently slips those pesky onions past children while still giving you that great onion taste.

This isn’t your normal dried out, flat tasting, boring onion either…

Penzeys white onion has sweet raw onion flavor in a simple, easy granulated form. Shake some into your next spice mix, steak, chicken, or veggie.

Recipe calls for onion salt instead? Simple.

To make Onion Salt: Mix 1 TB. Onion Powder with 3 TB. salt.


  • Onion powder adds lots of flavor, and is a convenient way to slip onions past children.
  • Love To Cook – Cook To Love

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