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  • Pan Seared Halibut
    Sauce de Mer for Pan Seared or Grilled Fish Fillets

    When you’re looking for an easy to prepare sauce for grilled fish that is out of the ordinary, then this is the sauce for you. It’s an excellent sauce for white fish whether grilled, roasted, or pan...

    • Posted June 25, 2017
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  • Flounder a la Provencal
    Sauce Provençal

    Classic French influenced sauces can easily make one dream of dining on a hillside overlooking the beautiful countryside. The freshness of herbs and seasonings in this Sauce Provençal help bring out the delicious flavors of fish, chicken, lamb...

    • Posted June 22, 2017
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  • Chicken with creamy tarragon sauce and roasted vegetables
    Mustard Tarragon Vermouth Sauce

    French sauces have been the backbone for many a creative chef. This is one of those sauces that is a tried and true adaptation of the French classic. It has a delicate flavor that nurtures the grilled...

    • Posted February 28, 2017
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  • Mustard and White Wine Sauce

    Mustard and white wine makes a classic sauce for fish. Try this delicious sauce with any poached or braised firm fleshed fish. Mustard and White Wine Sauce   Print Cook time 10 mins Total time 10 mins...

    • Posted August 27, 2000
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  • Black Currant Sauce for Duck and Chicken

    This pomegranate based sauce with the added flavor of black currants and cabernet wine provides a sweet tart flavor that is delicious with a variety of poultry and game bird. Black Currant Sauce for Duck and Chicken...

    • Posted August 27, 2000
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  • Chili Pasta with Tandoori Sauce

    There are so many wonderful fresh and dried pastas available that it’s hardly worth the effort to make them. Any combination of shapes and flavors will work in this fusion of Indian and Italian ideas. The sauce...

    • Posted June 12, 2000
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  • Wild Mushroom Sauce

    If you love mushrooms you will love this sauce. Use it as a tasty addition to jazz up rice, potatoes, and pasta dishes, drizzled over vegetables or as an outstanding sauce for various cuts of grilled or...

    • Posted May 24, 2000
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  • Pistachio Chicken
    Pistachio Encrusted Chicken Breasts with Pomegranate Sauce

    Sauté chicken breasts encrusted with pistachio nuts and splashed with the sweet-tart flavor of pomegranate sauce. It’s a delicious dish any time of year and especially colorful for the holidays. Use chilled leftovers for sandwiches the following...

    • Posted May 19, 2000
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  • Sauce Robert

    Mustard has been a common ingredient in a number of French recipes. This is probably one of the most famous and best known sauces using mustard for pork dishes, and other roasted and grilled meats. It is...

    • Posted March 27, 2000
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  • Spicy Ginger Garlic Sauce

    The ginger and garlic combination in this sauce is enhanced with the sweet, spicy flavor of peppers, curry and soy sauce. You can give your favorite fare an Asian twist whether you choose to keep it vegetarian...

    • Posted March 14, 2000
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