Wine Clubs & Gifts

While there’s lots of “wine of the month” clubs out there…

…for us, there’s only a few that really stand out.

Offering great deals on an excellent range of wines, you will definitely find something perfect for yourself or as a special gift.

Save $90 on NYTimes Reserve Wine clubwine.comFood and Wine Club Adventurer Club

The New York Times Wine Club are a group of people…

…that love wine and everything about it.

They also know the savvy readers of The New York Times deserve access to some of the best and most unique expressions of varieties and terroir you can find in great wine.

And every one of these wines has a story worth telling – stories that truly enhance the experience of enjoying them with family and friends.

Our team is comprised of seasoned wine professionals including a Master of Wine (one of only roughly 300 in the world!), certified sommeliers, a chef with an incredible knack for pairing wine and food, and devoted people who have spent the bulk of their careers in the wine industry.

Save $90 on NYTimes Reserve Wine club is here to help you navigate the wide world of wine!

From humble beginnings in 1998, they’ve been through an incredible journey to earn the trust of thousands of wineries and create a customer experience to be proud of.

Their friendly team of experts combines over 77 years of wine industry knowledge, from retail to restaurants to production.

With three advanced sommeliers and more wine certifications than we have time to count, the team is here to help you choose just the right bottle, every time.

One great thing about the FOOD & WINE Wine Club gifts…

…is that these are limited production hard-to-find releases, not something you’ll bump into on your next trip to the supermarket.

5 Reasons to Join Our Wine Club
  1. Recommendations from FOOD & WINE Editors and Wine Club Experts
  2. Enjoy limited-production wines crafted by passionate vintners at authentic wineries
  3. Become an instant expert with sommelier tasting notes in every shipment
  4. Entertain with confidence with spectacular recipe pairings perfected in the FOOD & WINE Test Kitchen
  5. Receive at least 10% MEMBER SAVINGS on any wine in the Wine Shop

Plus – there’s no commitment, shipments are conveniently delivered to your door – you always have our guarantee.

Cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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